Dr. Henneth Norithil

An amnesiac elven doctor reverted to a child-like state by an experiment gone awry. At least that what he believes...


Henneth Norithil Neutral Good
Alchemist 10 Male Elf age 65 (12)
Str: 13/1 HP: 83
Dex: 18/
4 XP: 144,826
Con: 14/2 Languages:
Int: 21/
5 Common/Elven/Alc. Script
Wis: 14/2 Dwarven/Giant
Cha: 15:/
2 Draconic/Aquan
AC: 21 (10+4Dex+5Armor+2Def)
AC with Mutagen: 24 (2NA, +1Dex)
CMB: 5
CMD: 20
Fort: 7
Ref: 7+4+(4)=16 17 with mutagen
Will: 3+3+(4)=10 9 with mutagen
Init: 4
Base/Gr: +7/
Melee: 8
Ranged: +11
Longbow +2: +15 hit, +16 30ft 1d8
3(1)1d6 Range: 120ft
w/Mutagen 17 hit, +18 30ft 1d82(1)1d6 Range: 120ft
Longspear: 8 hit 1d81 Reach 10ft
Bombs 12 hit, +13 30ft 5d65(6) Range 20ft 14/day Splash DC: Reflex 20
w/Mutagen +14 hit, +15 30ft 5d6
5(6) Range 20ft 14/day Splash DC: Reflex 20
Armor and Gear:
Studded Leather – +2 Light Fortification (25%) (Lab Coat): AV: +3 MaxDex: +5 ACP:0 25GP
Alchemists Lab, Portable 75GP
Infusion, Explosive Missile
Smoke Bomb (Fog Cloud 20ft) 20% 5ft and 50% after
Frost Bomb (Fort:20 or staggered [move/standard]
Breath Weapon Bomb (5d6
6) Reflex: DC20
Precise Bombs
Extend Potion, Dispelling Bomb (1d20+10)

Abilities and Feats:

Alchemy (Potion – Spell Level x Caster Level x 25gp)
Bomb (5d6) 14/day
Mutagen: 2NA, +4Dex, -2Wis 10min/level
Poison Resistance +6
Poison Use
Swift Alchemy (200g = 1hr)
Swift Poisoning
B. Brew Potion
B. Throw Anything
1. Point Blank Shot
Craft (Alchemy): 10
Craft (Bows): 10+3+5+2=20
Disable Device: 3+3+5=11
Fly: 1+3+4=8
Heal: 6+3+2=11
Knowledge (Arcana): 10+5+3=18
Knowledge (Nature): 10+5+3=18
Knowledge (Religion): 4+5+3=12
Perception: 10+3+2+2=17
Profession Sailor: 3+2+3=8
Survival: 4+3+2=9
Spellcraft: 10+3+5=18
Use Magic Device: 10+3+2=15
Extracts 6/5/4/2
1st Level DC=16 2nd Level DC=17
Bomber’s Eye (1 hit +10 ft) Bulls Strength
Crafters Fortune (
5 Craft) Cats Grace
Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) Cure Moderate (2d8+10)
Endure Elements Delay Poison
Shield (4AC) Alchemical Allocation
True Strike (
20 next hit) Levitate
Touch of the Sea (30ft Swim) Rope Trick
Enlarge Person Fox’s Cunning
See Invisibility

3rd Level DC=18 4th Level DC=19
Cure Serious Wound (3d8+10) Cure Critical Wounds (4d8+10)
Burst of Speed (20ft move, no AoO, Swift) Viper Bomb Admixture (12 hit touch, 1d4+5)
Heroism (+2 Attack, Skills, Saves) -Snake Fort DC=13 1d2 Con
Remove Blind/Deaf
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Lightning Lash Admixture
Town: Liikuma
Sister: Erulisse
Mother: For’anna
Father: Aratham
Master: Ther’mil

Potion of Sanctuary
potion of Remove Paralsys
Gloves of Master Brewer
Cloak of Resistance 2
Bracer of Archery +1 to hit
Tome of Int +3
 Contact DC 16, deals 2d12 damage/1d6 Con.
Haste: 31
Cure Mod 2d8
8: 17
Cure Serious 3d8+8: 18
2000g worth of craft


The son of Nazcan Elves during the era of the Selfish 17, Henneth Norithil found himself forced from his home when his parents were murdered by members of the Nazcan Mage-Gunners on suspect of treason by the deranged King of Nazca, Lord Silwain.

Henneth roamed Nazca looking for shelter but found it exceedingly difficult to come by from neighbors that feared the hangman’s noose for aiding someone whose parent were considered to be conspirators from the increasingly paranoid Silwain.

Dr. Henneth Norithil

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